Do you need a screenwriter to help with your next screenplay? Then, you are in the right place. Screenwriter for Hire will provide a project manager and lead writer to collaborate with you to write, edit, or rewrite your screenplay. Collaborating with our screenwriters will help you create a professional screenplay that you are proud to use.

Professional Quality Services with Affordable Pricing

Contact me today or check out our services and prices. If it’s not listed, the chances are we can still help. You can also instantly download my free eBook about three-act screenplay structure.

Installment Options

$40 per page is extremely affordable, however for large project it is still a considerable investment. As a way to ensure you are receiving quality work at an affordable pricing, we offer PayPal installment and PayPal pay later options. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account — all major credit cards and bank cards are accepted.

You also have the option of paying for only 10 pages at a time when you order a full-length screenplay. After the first installment of 10 pages you are able to read through it and give feedback. If there is any editing that is needed we will complete it for free, then send it back to you.

Payment Discount

When you choose the one-time, full payment option for an order of 90 pages or more, you will receive 10% off the total payment. 

Efficient & Effective Communication

Phone Number: (323) 570 – HIRE

Email: contact@Screenwriterforhire.com

You may contact us at any time. Our screenwriters are dedicated to communicating directly with you. Even if you have to leave a message one of our screenwriters will reply within 24 hours of receiving your email or phone message. We will even reply during the weekends.

Collaboration on all screenwriting projects is completed over the phone, through text messaging, emails, voice messages, and instant messaging. You are also given access to our collaborative writing tools that allow you to follow along with the screenplays progress that includes private, non-indexed versions of your screenplay. Using these tools you are able to add to the screenplay, make comment, and are always able to see the progress that your screenwriter is making.

We begin each screenwriting project by working with you until we gain a full understanding of your ideas, then organize them into a structured screenplay with your help. Each screenplay includes:

  • Characters that are original with strongly developed character arcs
  • Plot points and twits that are structured
  • Conflicts and resolutions that reach several apexes throughout
  • Dialogue that is clear and original

Full ownership and copyright

You have 100% ownership of all screenplays that you order from us. As we are ghostwriters for your screenplay we do appreciate any acknowledgment that you give us, however you retain complete rights of the script. This means that you sign your own name as the author and will keep 100% of your profits from the sale of the script.

Industry Connections

Many of the scripts written by our screenwriters have been produced and sold for profits. This has given us several established connections in the industry. We will do all that we can to help you sell your screenplay and have it produced.

Services offered

We offer multiple screenwriting services to fit your needs. We can take your idea and turn it into a brilliant screenplay, or we can jazz up your rough draft. We have professional screenwriters to fit any genre you desire.


Our services include, but are not limited to writing:

  • Spec scripts
  • An edited version of your script
  • A script from scratch
  • A film treatment
  • A query letter
  • An outline
  • Character biographies
  • Feedback on a given script


You can visit our FAQ or How it Works pages to find answers to your questions.

Get started on your next script today by completing the contact form below and schedule your complimentary call. Your form and any information you send will be reviewed prior to our call. By including your full name you will also receive an NDA to sign prior to our call.

You may leave a voicemail directly from this site, if you choose. This is the best option if you prefer not to type out your information. I will reply to your voicemail with a message sent directly to your email.