Andrés Wood Montt

Andrés Wood Montt (* Chile, 1965) is a film director Chilean. He is the brother of the documentary filmmaker and current Director of TVN, María Elena Wood programming.

Private life

Although he studied commercial engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, always struck you the seventh art. Thus after graduation in economics he traveled to New York to study cinematography (1990-1991), and there made his first short film, romance.

Back in Chile, at the end of 1992, it initiated a series of audiovisual projects. In 1994, he directed two short films, one of them, family gathering, becomes the first Chilean production in participating in the official selection Clermont – Ferrand, France, and also received the award for best director at the Festival International of cinema of Viña del Mar. In parallel with his audio-visual projects, Wood was working on the realization of commercial television.

Wood is married to peace Puga they have two children: Mariano and Ana.

First film

In 1997 it begins to be developed which would be his first major mass success. That year he directs and co-writes football stories, his first feature film, was financed by a contribution of Fondart, investments of the director and some partners France southern Fund contributions.

The film is divided into three tales of half an hour each, all related to football, to count the different realities in the sport in all regions of the country.

In Chile, about 600 thousand people saw the film and he was also in countries of Latin America, Australia, Canada, Spain, France, United States with great success in all of them. Wood receives several mentions in various film festivals, including mentions the juries at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the XXIII Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, Spain, which was competing with other 13 tapes from the rest of the world.


After the fame gained from football stories, Wood embarks on a new film project: “retribution” story adapted from the tenths of Roberto Parra, and tells the story of a pattern of estate South, showing the reality experienced in Chile estates. Production, which originally stood as a mini-series on Televisión Nacional de Chile, had a reissue of two hours in cinema.

In 1987, while working at a company like evaluator of projects in Aysén, he realized the commotion caused the mad, the mafias that revolved around its extraction and the madness of prostitutes to see so many men with money, in an area that is not characterized by vast riches. There was born the idea of making a film about this phenomenon, which begins shooting in 1999, Toto Island, a people without the 11th region streets.

Written and directed by Wood, premiered on October 4, 2001 and immediately became a box-office hit in Chile and received several international awards in various film festivals: best screenplay unpublished in the 21st festival International of the new film Havana, Cuba, and best Director in the 8th sample of Latin American cinema in Lleida, Spain.Machuca

His best-known work is his fourth film, Machuca, set in the moments of the Chilean coup of 1973. This film came preceded by excellent reviews after its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. It tells the relationship of two children in 1973, one coming from a wealthy family, and the other marginal, whose lives intersect then that a religious College brings up a programme for social integration.

Its official premiere took place in the framework of the Festival of Cannes film, directors fortnight, in may 2004, where he received a special mention of the françois chalais 2004 award that delivers the French Ministry of culture and the National Center of cinematography of the same nation. Since that time has paraded for several international festivals.

In addition, at least twelve countries acquired the rights for showing of the film, including Spain, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The good life

In 2008, released his film life is good, tape has been awarded Spain, won the Golden Columbus in November and Goya best film foreign Latin American in February 2009.


3 September 2004, Wood receives the first award Benjamín Vicuña mackenna from the hands of the Metropolitan Mayor, which seeks to distinguish personalities from its fields of action contributing to the progress and development of the capital.



* Romance (1992), short film

* Family gathering (1994), short film

* Football stories (1997)

* Retribution (1999)

* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)

* The good life (2008)


* Football stories (1997)

* Retribution (1999)

* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)


* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)

* Born and raised (2006) (co-producer)

* The good life (2008)