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Andrés Wood Montt

Andrés Wood Montt (* Chile, 1965) is a film director Chilean. He is the brother of the documentary filmmaker and current Director of TVN, María Elena Wood programming.

Private life

Although he studied commercial engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, always struck you the seventh art. Thus after graduation in economics he traveled to New York to study cinematography (1990-1991), and there made his first short film, romance.

Back in Chile, at the end of 1992, it initiated a series of audiovisual projects. In 1994, he directed two short films, one of them, family gathering, becomes the first Chilean production in participating in the official selection Clermont – Ferrand, France, and also received the award for best director at the Festival International of cinema of Viña del Mar. In parallel with his audio-visual projects, Wood was working on the realization of commercial television.

Wood is married to peace Puga they have two children: Mariano and Ana.

First film

In 1997 it begins to be developed which would be his first major mass success. That year he directs and co-writes football stories, his first feature film, was financed by a contribution of Fondart, investments of the director and some partners France southern Fund contributions.

The film is divided into three tales of half an hour each, all related to football, to count the different realities in the sport in all regions of the country.

In Chile, about 600 thousand people saw the film and he was also in countries of Latin America, Australia, Canada, Spain, France, United States with great success in all of them. Wood receives several mentions in various film festivals, including mentions the juries at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the XXIII Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, Spain, which was competing with other 13 tapes from the rest of the world.


After the fame gained from football stories, Wood embarks on a new film project: “retribution” story adapted from the tenths of Roberto Parra, and tells the story of a pattern of estate South, showing the reality experienced in Chile estates. Production, which originally stood as a mini-series on Televisión Nacional de Chile, had a reissue of two hours in cinema.

In 1987, while working at a company like evaluator of projects in Aysén, he realized the commotion caused the mad, the mafias that revolved around its extraction and the madness of prostitutes to see so many men with money, in an area that is not characterized by vast riches. There was born the idea of making a film about this phenomenon, which begins shooting in 1999, Toto Island, a people without the 11th region streets.

Written and directed by Wood, premiered on October 4, 2001 and immediately became a box-office hit in Chile and received several international awards in various film festivals: best screenplay unpublished in the 21st festival International of the new film Havana, Cuba, and best Director in the 8th sample of Latin American cinema in Lleida, Spain.Machuca

His best-known work is his fourth film, Machuca, set in the moments of the Chilean coup of 1973. This film came preceded by excellent reviews after its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival. It tells the relationship of two children in 1973, one coming from a wealthy family, and the other marginal, whose lives intersect then that a religious College brings up a programme for social integration.

Its official premiere took place in the framework of the Festival of Cannes film, directors fortnight, in may 2004, where he received a special mention of the françois chalais 2004 award that delivers the French Ministry of culture and the National Center of cinematography of the same nation. Since that time has paraded for several international festivals.

In addition, at least twelve countries acquired the rights for showing of the film, including Spain, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The good life

In 2008, released his film life is good, tape has been awarded Spain, won the Golden Columbus in November and Goya best film foreign Latin American in February 2009.


3 September 2004, Wood receives the first award Benjamín Vicuña mackenna from the hands of the Metropolitan Mayor, which seeks to distinguish personalities from its fields of action contributing to the progress and development of the capital.



* Romance (1992), short film

* Family gathering (1994), short film

* Football stories (1997)

* Retribution (1999)

* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)

* The good life (2008)


* Football stories (1997)

* Retribution (1999)

* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)


* The mad rush (2001)

* Machuca (2004)

* Born and raised (2006) (co-producer)

* The good life (2008)

Patrick Valladares

Patrick Valladares (* Chillán, Chile, Chile 1 December 1982) is a director and film producer Chilean, author of a feature film, several short films, music videos and comics.

He began writing and drawing, editing his own fanzine comic “Janus”, extreme violence, thematic comic edited artisanal way through photocopies, reaching number nine.

In 2002 was the aberration, short film based on the idea of comic zombies, same authorship, a film fan, low-budget and enormous amount of splatter and gore content , now this work. Then they will continue several short films titled “murderous Paranoia” (2004), “this strange artifact” (2004) and ” Top Model ” (2005). Between the years of their studies (Audiovisual Communication).

In 2005, published his first comic book at a professional level (The last breath), Fanzine themes of sexual psycho-killer and black humour, drawn and written by multiple authors and cover of the Spanish author Miguel Ángel Martín.

It is a founding member and partner companies Vallastudio to Christian Fernandez, Patricio Chavez and Evelyn Belmar. 2006 Patrick Valladares debuted in feature film with “CV”, film that mixture of thriller and Surrealism and was selected in an infinite number of national and international festivals.

It is adapting its comic strip “the party” film, a project proposed by Andrea cavaletto, who participates in its implementation. The film will be called “Departyd” of the genre of horror.


* “Departyd”, feature film, HD, 2008. Director, executive producer

* “Curriculum”, feature film, Dv, 2006, Director, writer, executive producer

* “Phone”, short film, Dv, 2006. Director, screenwriter, mounting, actor

* “Top Model”, short film, Dv screenwriter and Director

* “This strange device”, short film, Dv, 2004. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Murderous paranoia”, short film, VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Consents consent”, short film, VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Aberration” short film. VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting

Jaime Silva

Jaime Silva (Santiago, Chile;) (1934, 26 December 2010 crosses), was a prominent dramatist, writer and Chilean writer. While high school joined the literary group “The young Laurel”, and there he published his first works: “Oedipus”, “the miser” and “M uchacho wings”. Also in this period he became a director Theatre, riding his work “the rebellion”

In 1958, as a student of the University of Chile, premiered “Panchita Princess”, his first collaboration with singer Luis Advis. This play, in which participated also as an actor, was made on tour to conception and was a season in the Antonio Varas theatre. Since then it has become an emblematic text of Chilean children theater and has not ceased to be represented in the country.

In 1959 Debuts CADIP “Talca Beatas”, and in 1960 “children in the attic”. In 1962, he released “deaf crickets” with Theater ICTUS. In 1963 his work “Arthur and the Angel” won the first prize in the contest organized by Tessier Sunday in the culture House of Ñuñoa. Then will come “the child’s play”, “Don Dionisio mischief” and “the fantastic island of the Casianimales”.

In 1968 he translated and adapted to the Institute of theater of the University of Chile (ITUCH) “comedy of errors” by William Shakespeare, directed by Eugenio Guzmán. In addition to its theatrical work, for several years wrote the librettos for television “the adventures of Cachencho”, children’s program that manages a high rating. In 1969 the ITUCH releases “the Gospel according to St. James”, directed by Pedro Orthous, with music by Sergio Ortega and Guillermo Nuñez designs. This work caused controversy at its premiere, as the ecclesiastical authorities saw it as a mockery towards Jesus. The “new world trilogy” wrote it during their years of residence in Canada, which premiered the first and third part.

He has subsequently released “The life of conception” and has no released “the dark side of the Moon”, “L to Violetera” and two works in an Act, “the birth of a poet” and “mouse Pérez”. It also has projected a volume of poetry [appointment required]. Silva has devoted much of his life to teaching in Chile as abroad. It has also developed a career as a director with their own texts and other authors, classical and modern.

Confessed fan of Samuel beckett and John Radrigán. With ‘ the Gospel according to St. James ‘ said:

I want to make it clear that this is not the traditional Gospel, but my personal recreation of the anecdote of the characters. Old recreation, vested interests are represented in my piece by Dios father while Jesucristo symbolizes the new ones, all who seek justice, equality, the right of everyone. I have a popular theater, a theater that reaches everyone, not just those who attend the theatre digestion

He died December 26, 2010, quiet in your beloved Las cruces home accompanied by Paty, Belen, Huey and his family, who loved him at all times and until the end. Theatre Chilean and world lost one of the best. One of the few that can be called: teacher of teachers.

Sebastian Silva

Sebastian Silva (born 9 April 1979;)(Santiago, Chile) is a director, screenwriter and Chilean singer. Nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his film nanny.


Between 1998 and 2000, Sebastian Silva studied film at the Chile film school. Then, within two years of study English advanced at Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada. Along with this, since 2002 make a French course in the French Cultural Institute and an animation workshop by Thomas Wells. Later in the summer of 2003 performs a human figure in the Catholic University of Chile workshop. Finally, during the 2005 and 2006 he attended classes in history of cinema and cinematic story (dash), by Pedro peirano.

In his career as an audiovisual artist was painter, designer and videísta. In the cinematographic field, has developed the direction and mounting of the feature-length documentary REC, carried out by Diroriro Films, material participated in international festivals of documentary films. In 2006, he carried out his first feature film called life killing me, produced by fable which was director and screenwriter, work which premiered in November 2007. He serves as creative editor designing from graphic posters to ideas for advertising campaigns for national and international brands. Along with this, it is the composer and singer of the CHC group.

Nanny you earned Altazor award for best director; film also participated of the triplet finalist in the Academy Awards (2010).



* Life kills me (2007)

* Nanny (2009)

* Old cats (2010)


* Life kills me (2007)

* Nanny (2009)

* Old cats (2010)


* 31 minutes, the movie (2008)


With CHC

* Quite real (2003)

* What It Is is what is (2004)

* The thing (2007)


* Pedro Sienna award: best film (life killing me)

* Sundance Film Festival: best film (nanny)

* Altazor Awards: best director (nanny)

[Edit] Nominations

* 2010 Golden Globe: best non-English language film (nanny)

Sebastian Arrau

Sebastian Arrau (b. Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean film and television screenwriter.


After finishing his studies at St. George’s College, he entered to study theatre at acting school from Fernando González, where Moreover from an early age he wrote and directed his own works “Approximately”, “Vampires”, which won numerous awards. As an actor of graduation he worked on mounts with important theatre directors such as “La Gorda” Ramón griffero, directed by Alfredo Castro and “Procedure”. On television she starred in soap opera Mad skin as Antonio Blanco, and where he learned the SOAP format. Coca Gomez wrote the TV series “cheerful Hill” and since then has been work on Channel 13 in hits such as “male”, “temptation”, “Gatas & nuts”, “Papi Ricky”.

The year 2006, wrote and directed his first film: “Doll”. It is currently based in the city of New York, from where writes First Lady, apart from a few guines for American television and film.



* Cerro alegre (1999)

* Male (2003)

* Temptation (2004)

* Gatas & nuts (2005)

* PAPI Ricky (2007)

* First Lady (2010)


* Crazy skin (TVN, 1996) – Antonio Blanco

* Cerro Alegre (Channel 13, 1999) – do?



* Doll (2008)


* Doll (2008)

* Drama (2010)

Valeria Sarmiento

Valeria Sarmiento (1948, Valparaiso) is an actress, Director, screenwriter and Editor Chilean, who has worked both in film on TV.


Born in Valparaíso (Chile), he studied film at the University of Viña del Mar. She married film director Raul Ruiz in 1968 and five years later they were forced to move to Paris (France) due to the military coup of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Sarmiento directorial debut came just a year earlier, with the premiere of the documentary A dream as color (1972), focused on a group of women dedicated to the strip; the tone of this work would remain in many other documentaries dedicated to women, machismo and similar topics.[ 2 ] Since then, he has served also as editor and scriptwriter, working on numerous projects with her husband. It has also participated as an actress in film dialogues of the exiled (1975) and the short film Voyage d’une main (1985), both directed by Ruiz.



Year       Movie   Role

Director                Screenwriter      Editor    Actress

1972       A dream as color              Sí. Yes

Popular poetry: theory and practice        Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

The timers          Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

The expropriation                                            Sí. Yes

1975       Dialogues of the exiled                                  Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1977       Chiens Colloque                                               Sí. Yes

1978       Genèse d’ a repas                                            Sí. Yes

Vocation suspendue                                      Sí. Yes

1979       Le mal du pays Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

Gens de nulle part, gens de toutes parts               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1980       Le borgne                                            Sí. Yes

Guns                                     Sí. Yes

1981       The Territory                                      Sí. Yes

1982       Het dak van de Walvis                                    Sí. Yes

The man when he is man             Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1983       Minutes les d’ a film faiseur                                         Sí. Yes

Les trois couronnes du matelot                                                 Sí. Yes

La ville des pirates                                           Sí. Yes

1984       7 faux raccords                                  Sí. Yes

Notre mariage   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1985       Voyage d’une main                                         Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

Treasure Island                                                 Sí. Yes

1987       Brise-glace                                          Sí. Yes

1990       Chouette aveugle                                            Sí. Yes

Amelia Lopes O’Neill       Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1994       Clandestine Viaggio – Vite di santi e di peccatori                                                 Sí. Yes

1995       Wind Water                                        Sí. Yes

Elle         Sí. Yes

1997       Généalogies d’ a crime                                  Sí. Yes

Le film à come                                   Sí. Yes

1998       L’inconnu de Strasbourg               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

Carlos Fuentes: un voyage dans le temps             Sí. Yes

2000       Combat d’Amour in songe                                           Sí. Yes

2001       Les âmes fortes                                                Sí. Yes

2002       Pink china            Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2003       CE jour-là                                             Sí. Yes

Une place parmi les vivants                                         Sí. Yes

2004       Oedipus                                               Sí. Yes

2005       Le domaine perdu                                           Sí. Yes

2006       Klimt                                      Sí. Yes

2008       Secrets                 Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2010       A Closed Book                                   Sí. Yes

Mysteries of Lisbon                                        Sí. Yes


Year       TV movie/miniseries/series        Role

Director                Editor

1976       Utopia                  Sí. Yes

1979       Petit manuel d’histoire de France                             Sí. Yes

Of grands et de gens ordinaires event                    Sí. Yes

1992       Latin Women Beat in California Sí. Yes

The world of children     Sí. Yes

1999       Mon premier french cancan        Sí. Yes

2004       Au Louvre avec Miquel Barceló Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2007       The straight province                     Sí. Yes

2008       Litoral                    Sí. Yes

2010       My residence in Chile journal: Mary Graham       Sí. Yes

Boris Quercia Martinic

Boris Quercia Martinic (31 August 1967) is an American actor, director, screenwriter and producer Chilean. He studied theatrical performance at the University of Chile, the career as a filmmaker began when he made short films gnocchi and The spear. Then came his first feature film L.S.D and success obtained with sex with love.



Year       Movie   Character

1993       Johnny 100 pesos            Parker

1994       Fighting Fund (short)

1995       I came to tell you that I’m going (short)

Asphalt without direction (short)

1996       My last man       Rodrigo

1997       The spear (short)

Football stories                 René

1998       The man who imagined                 Hannibal

1999       Retribution         William

2000       L.S.D

Coronation         Andrew young

2002       The dog

2003       Sex with love     Emilio

2006       The King of the huevones            Anselmo

2008       ChilePuede         William

2009       Super, chile inside           Hugo


* The spear (short) (1997)

* Sex with love (2003)

* The King of the huevones (2006)


* Retribution (1999)

* Sex with love (2003)

* ChilePuede (2008)


* The spear (short) (1997)

* Kiltro (2006)



* Love this fashion (1995) Sunday

* Brown Glace, the return (1996) Ciro chaquib

* Lunar Eclipse (1997) Alejandro llich

* Loving you (1998) Ignacio Bermudez

* Out of control (1999) gino mackenzie

* Taste it (2000) Fidel Castro Castro


* Geography of desire (2004)

* Huaiquimán and Toulouse (2007)

* 80 (2008) – season 1

* 80 (2009) – 2nd season

* 80 (2010) – 3rd season



Year       Category              Series    Result

2009       Address: Drama                80           Winner

2009       Screenplay          80           Winner

2010       Address: Drama                80           Winner

Adelqui Migliar

Adelqui Migliar (* Concepción, Chile, Chile August 5, 1891 – Santiago, Santiago metropolitan region, Chile 6 August 1956) was an actor, screenwriter, director and film producer Chilean. She appeared in 31 films between 1916 and 1928, and directed other 24 films between 1922 to 1954. In some of the films he used the name of Adelqui thousand.

Select film

His films, which he wrote or performed, include:

Year       Movie   Role       Character

1939       Ambition             guionista-escritor

1924       Die Sklavenkönigin          actor      Prince Seti

In 1931 directed lights of Buenos Aires the first (1931) which Carlos gardel filmed for Paramount Studios Les studies of Joinville-le-pont, France Val-de-Marne.

Nicolás López Fernández

Nicolás López Fernández (* Santiago Chile, 1983) is a film director, screenwriter, producer and actor Chilean. He is noted for his Red average film.


At age 10, and after reading book rebel without a crew from Robert Rodriguez and see kevin Smith Clerks, Nicolás López decided to use his parents video camera to film his first short films. Five years later, he directed Pajero, first film that he would participate in local film festivals. Pajero was a guy that always interrupted it while he was masturbating. With superheroes (1999), López learned how to use digital video to shoot this film about a freak that tries to convince the world that is Superman, and exhibited in Valdivia Film Festival. In 2000 he leads a story in a young man, after break up with his girlfriend, falls for a plant called Florofilia.

López began writing in the newspaper El Mercurio Contact area when he was 12 years old (1996). His column “memoirs of a Penguin” in which he had his life at school from the scene, was a hit and lasted about three years (1997 – 1999). Her film Red average (2004) is the film adaptation of that column. Also writes, between 1999 and 2000, the “López” column.

Nicolás López in the recording of MTV pilot (2003).

He is creator of the production company, founded in 1998, which resulted in a production company (leftovers productions), and is the only festival of independent cinema of Santiago Chile, the Leftover Film Festival. Through this producer López made publicity films Chilean Angel black, urban fragments, three Taxi, Paradise B and lost.

In the year 2002 was selected among the 100 young leaders of Chile. Has done various work for television, most cast on MTV Latin America; He made short film Super boy Bully, he directed, wrote and starred in MTV pilot (alongside Edward Bertrand) and made the script for VMALA’s 2003.

In 2006 he directed Santos, the film, a chilena-española co-production with a budget close to six million dollars. The film starred Spanish stars Elsa pataky, Javier Gutiérrez, Guillermo Toledo and Leonardo sbaraglia argentino. Alejandro Jodorowsky qualify as a “A fun satire”. The DVD was released in July 2010, blu ray will be released.

In 2007, he was signed by actress Salma hayek, so direct a science fiction film, tentatively called 178, cost approximately $ 15 million and will feature renowned actors in Hollywood.

López during 2009 was conductor of the Late show “or as Late,” sponsored by Heineken and Movistar, transmitted on Chilevisión Internet

In 2010, López premiere his third feature film “what a shame your life” by Ariel Levy. With 100,000 spectators are transformed into the Chilean film view of that year, apart from being the romantic comedy more successful 2010, beating Valentine’s day and Eat, Pray, Love.



* Pajero (1998), short film.

* Superheroes (1999) short film.

* Florofilia (2000), short film.

* Average red, rejected tv pilot (2001). Is available as an extra on the DVD of “Average red” (Chilean Edition).

* Red average (2004), feature film.

* Super boy Bully (2007), short film.

* Santos, the movie (2007), feature film

* TBA (2008). It has 178 tentatively, and is also known as a Paradox, or untitled López-hayek Project.

* What a shame your life (2010), feature film.


* Pajero (1999)

* Superheroes (1999), together with Esteban Rojas.

* Florofiia Esteban Rojas, Alfredo Sepulveda and Francisco Ortega (1999).

* Red average (2004)

* MTV pilot (2004) alongside Edward Bertrand.

* Super boy Bully together with fabrizio Copano (2007).

* Santos, the movie (2007)

* What a shame your life (2010)


* Pajero (1999)

* Superheroes (1999)

* Florofilia (2000)

* Black Angel (2000), associate producer.

* Of earnings (2003), associate producer

* Red average (2004), executive producer.

* Normal with wings (2007), producer

* Santos, the movie (2007), co-producer.


* Of earnings (2003), only voice, animation.

* MTV pilot (2004), protagonist of the five chapters of the first season.

* Red average (2004), cameo at the end of the little pigs.

* Are leases (2005), cameo appearance at the party to which assisted Gaston.

* Santos (2007), cameo (cut into mount).

* The toast (2008) cameo.

* Alone (2008), doctor.


* MTV Video Music Awards Latin America (2003)

* MTV pilot (2004)

* Super boy Bully (2007)

* Transantiaguinos (2008)

Video clips

* Robust woman – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2002). They were nominated for VMALA 2002.

* Contest – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2002)

* Chilerobot – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2003)

* Te Quiero see dead – shot outdoors, next to Eduardo Bertrán

* Traigo El Aguante – Santo Barrio alongside Edward Bertrand (2002)

* Takes what Chechy – Claudio Quiñones, next to Eduardo Bertrán

Participation in festivals

Nicolás López to Sam raimi at the Los Angeles Film Festival.


* Tokyo Grand Prix 2004 average red.

* Festival of cinema of Mar del Plata international

* Sitges Film Festival

* SXSW Film Festival

* Los Angeles Film Festival


* Viña del Mar Film Festival 2004 Jury award by Average red.

* APES Prize 2004 Director revelation.

* Rock and Pop “aguards” 2005, best Chilean film.

Pablo Larrain Matte

Pablo Larrain Matte (born 19 August 1976;) (Santiago, Chile) is a director and screenwriter Chilean. Son of the Minister of housing and urban development of the current Government, Magdalena matte and UDI Hernan LARRAIN President.


Born in Santiago Chile on 19 August 1976. After finishing school, he studied audiovisual communication at Uniacc University.

It is a founding partner of fable, a company dedicated to the development of cinema and commercial where played various projects.

In 2005 he directed his first feature film called leak, which was released commercially in Chile in March 2006.



* Vanishing (2006)

* Tony Manero (2008)

* Post Mortem (2010)


* Vanishing (2006)

* Tony Manero (2008)

* Post Mortem (2010)


* Life kills me (2007)

* Grade 3 (2009)


* Festival International of Torino (2008): best film (tony manero)

* Havana Film Festival (2008): Grand Coral (tony manero)

* Warsaw (2008) International Festival: Special Jury Prize (tony manero)

* Festival International Istanbul (2009): best film (tony manero)

* Rotterdam International Film Festival (2009): KNF (tony manero) award

* Festival of cinema of Antofagasta – best film (post mortem)

] Nominations

* Ariel Awards (2009): Best film Iberoamericana (tony manero)

* 2009 Altazor award: Best Director (tony manero)