Creating Characters – Creating Characters That We Can Cheer For

Let’s step away from the creating characters aspect of screenwriting here, for just a moment, and think about scripts as a producer would. This is a good habit to get into, by the way, because producers are the people who get your script produced. Understanding the hand that feeds you is never a bad idea, ever.

To get a script green-lighted (meaning it’s going to be produced), there are a lot of steps that need to happen during that process. It’s by no means always a straight line from A to B – in fact, it more frequently looks like drunken squiggly versions of the broken lines you see on the road if you were to try and draw it out. You know what always has to happen, though? Two things, which are:

1. An actor of some prominence has agreed to be a main character in the movie.
2. A director of some prominence has agreed to sign on to direct the project.

You know what’s at the root of A-list talent signing on to develop a script, underneath all the money and politics, involved, every time? The fact that somebody had put their heart and soul into creating characters. When they were creating their characters, they cared about the main character enough to think it was worth their time, money, and energy to give that person life. There’s a lot of work involved in getting to that point, but it all starts with creating a protagonist prominent creative people can get behind – because if they don’t get behind it, then how will an audience ever get to see your work on a big screen?