Daniel Chamorro

Daniel Chamorro (Ciudad Real), director, screenwriter, writer and Spanish film composer.


Graduated in information sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and study on Mexico and Los Angeles and Berlin; He also holds a master’s degree in film production in the TAI. He also writes poetry and stories and he has composed music, his own scores and some non. It has done so far 9 short films and documentary and has written 16 scripts for short; He has received more than 100 national and international awards for his work. It has been considered by Variety in Cannes 2008 magazine [1], one of 10 emerging Spanish young directors. Currently prepares his first two feature films: the price of death and Real Island.

Chronological Fimografía

* Infinite, short film.

* 13 Life, short film.

* The arrastrao, short film.

* 24 moments, short film.

* Solo for cello, short film.

* Natural selection, short film.

* Catharsis, short film.

* Don’t leave, short film

* Do not remove, short film.

In preparation:

* A perfect Crescent, short film.

* Lines, short film.