Film Treatment

An integral part of screenwriting, a film treatment is crucial to help plan and organize your screenplay and it is required to market and pitch your screenplay effectively to potential financiers and producers. A treatment is generally longer than a synopsis but far shorter than the full screenplay. The length will vary but it should be about as short as possible without sacrificing the key points.

There are a number of books that give you the conceptual knowledge of composing a compelling film treatment. You could refer to them and master the skill of creative writing. Schools and classes for screenplay writing may help to lay a strong foundation for the journey ahead. Our professional film treatment writers have graduated from such institutions and have written dozens of movie treatments and screenplays.

A film treatment helps the writer to stay structured while writing the screenplay. In general, a treatment will contain a logline and a detailed summary of the yet-to-be-written screenplay. The vast majority of successful screenplays are written in three acts and eight sequences. Without a well planned treatment, the screenplay structure and characters will likely falter. Depending on which sources you read, a treatment should also include a brief description of each of the main characters. Character are the single most important element of a story so we agree that characters descriptions ought to be included in your film or movie treatment.

Below is an example of a movie treatment. As advertised, you can order a treatment for your story for just $595 and if you later order the full screenplay, 100% of this fee will be refunded in the final screenplay installment!

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