Florentino Soria Heredia

Florentino Soria Heredia (Gijon, June 1917) is a writer of Spanish film, writer and actor, and director of the Spanish film library (Madrid) from 1970 to 1984.


Born in Gijón in June 1917. He graduated in philosophy by the University of Oviedo, and Madrid, graduated in journalism (1946) and I.I.E.C. (cinematographic experiences and Research Institute) in direction (1951). It was the body General technician of the Civil State official and contributor to the weekly El Spanish. In the aforementioned I.I.E.C. in which came to Deputy Director of the Office and its successor E.O.C. (official school of cinematography), he taught script for a total of 18. Starts as a screenwriter in 1950, “siege of anger”, an unfinished film Carlos Serrano de osma, where his friends Juan Antonio bardem, Luis García Berlanga and Agustín Navarro also collaborated. For the latter, was front of the camera in small lots in “the national shotgun” (1977), “national III” (1982) and “Moors and Christians” (1987), and he has also participated as a actor in the television series of Javier maqua “untimely death”, well in other directors, specifically in “Atilano, President” films (1998, Santiago Aguilar and Luis guridi), “dead laughter” (1999, álex de la Iglesia), “Mataharis” (2007, icíar bollaín) and “Mortadelo y Filemón.” Mission: save the Earth “(2007 and directed by Miguel bardem, son of Juan Antonio).” In 1961 won the prize for the National Union of the spectacle (S.N.E.) for the screenplay “King Baltasar due to him along with Leonardo Martín and Joaquín gurruchaga, eventually rolling with the title of” man of the Orient Express “(1967, F. Borja Moro).” Between 1962 and 1967, during the stage when at the head of the Directorate-General was José María García Escudero, he held the post of Assistant Director-General of theatre and cinematography. Florentino Soria, founded various cine-clubes, made some short films in 16 mm and served as a critic and writer on film publications La Estafeta Literaria, Cinema, Finistère, index, up and film Ideal. He is the author of case of Juan Mariné books and José María Forqué, she has taught courses in film history in the Faculty of Sciences of the information of the University Complutense, in Madrid, and in 1984 was in the direction of the Seminci, the Valladolid international film week. The Academy of Arts and Sciences AMPAS Spain awarded its gold medal in 1996. Other interventions co-guionísticas their own: “Tirma” (1954, directed by Carlos Serrano de Osma, coproduction España-Italia and Paolo Moffa) “calabuch” (1956, Berlanga, España-Italia), “Life around” (1959, Fernando Fernán-Gómez), “Three etceteras of Colonel” (1959, Claude Boissol, Spain-France – Italy), “the Tramp and the Star” (1960, Mateo Cano and José Luis Merino), “Tuesday and thirteen” (1961, Pedro Lazaga, energy), “Gang of eight” (1961, Tulio Demicheli), “Another tree of Guernica” (1969, Pedro Lazaga), “The Bank” (1970, Luis Lucia), “The Virgin wax” (1971, José María Forqué)…