General Rules for Screenwriting jobs

Scripts show talent
Screenwriting jobs are very difficult and it is very difficult to sell a screenplay. If you have written a number of scripts already but have not been able to sell even one then it is of no use. For selling a movie script, you need to first go and submit your resume. In the resume don’t list the number of scripts you have written if none of them were sold. Be careful if you have never sold a screenplay and are listing more than 25 scripts in your resume because you will be asked why you are not able to sell them.
Selling a script is very hard and thus, you need to keep in mind that anyone can write the script but the main thing is to sell the script. So in case you are starting with no experience or little experience then it is not important how many scripts you have written. The important thing is that how much you are able to sell. Selling a movie script will show your real talent. So write creatively and in such a way that you are able to sell your script. You should also have the skills to sell your script.
Networking for screenwriting
Keep in mind that you don’t write anything like you have a big network or have around 25k in the network. If this is the case then why are you not able to sell your scripts? This will be asked by the employer. So don’t write any such thing in your resume. When it is about the screenwriting jobs then the appearance of the script is the most important thing. It is true that the formatting of the script can either make the sale or break the sale. The same is the case with the emails which you send to employers and also with the resume. If the email and the resume are scattered and lengthy then it will create a bad impression on the employer and the writing ability will be judged on that basis.
The writer groups are popular and if you don’t have any real screenwriting experience then you can add the writer group on the resume. The writer group does not include the Facebook group but the actual groups in which you meet the people and exchange ideas and notes.
Other Tips
There are many screenwriters who write lengthy bios and don’t express their scripts properly. Don’t tease your employer in this way. Get to the point and just outline your screenwriting career in a clear and concise manner. The screenwriters should be familiar and if your work is not produced or it is produced with low quality then it is not possible to be familiar. If in case you have the access to the footage then you should put the reel on YouTube and Vimeo, and all those give good returns. Most employers ask for the sample script and resume. Only some portions of scripts are asked. Make sure that the work you submit is copyrighted.