Hire a Screenwriting Service — Movie, TV, Short Film

Choosing to hire a professional screenwriting service for your movie, TV, or short film script project will ensure that the writer assigned to your project will have both the knowledge and experience to turn your story into a top-quality screenplay.  The dialogue and format of a movie manuscript are much different than that of a traditionally-written, narrative story.  First, the amount of text corresponds to a specific amount of running time on the big screen.  This means that the length is very important.  A screenplay that does not translate to approximately 90 minutes of running time on film simply will not be able to get sold.

In addition to the set-length necessary for writing a screenplay, it also needs to use a particular style of dialogue.  Whereas novel writing can be very descriptive and moderately paced, screenwriting needs to be very direct and to the point in order to keep the story going.  Even a drama needs to move at a much quicker pace than a narrative-type book.  What might take several pages in a novel, will most likely only take a few paragraphs in a screenplay.  This is because much of the story is told visually.  A screenwriting service knows all of the ins and outs of this particular kind of writing.

Writing Samples

Obtaining screenwriting samples can be a bit tricky since many screenwriters work as ghostwriters and have signed a nondisclosure agreement.  Nonetheless, they should have writing samples and may have a client who is willing to reveal that he hired a ghostwriter and allow the screenwriter to use the script as a writing sample. Other times, the screenwriter for hire will have written his or her own screenplay, which can serve as his writing sample. Professional screenwriting services will have many writing samples and in a multitude of genres.

Although many people think that any writer can write a screenplay, this idea can do you a major disservice to your story.  Some may have a bit of experience in screenwriting, but when you are serious about your story or idea and want it to be made into a movie, you will want to find someone that works specifically with this kind of writing.  A screenwriting service can ensure that you will be working with writers that have a successful track record when it comes to creating professional, sellable screenplays. Contact a screenwriter today to learn more about how the process works.