How can expertise matter in screenwriting jobs?

Making your resume attractive
Screenwriting jobs are very difficult to achieve. The resume is to be produced in such a way that it can attract producers. The producers and directors get many scripts daily and it is not possible for them to go through each and every one. No one has that much time. Thus, the work is done by the resume. The resume should be very attractive in order to tempt the producers to read your scripts. There are many ways in which you can gain credits. The biggest credit which you will get is on the basis of education. Education in the field of writing is necessary.
If you have a good education in screenwriting then you will be able to write a creative and high standard script. Make sure that you don’t copy anything. Write original content. Everyone has expertise in at least one subject. Some people like to write in philosophical ways, some love entertainment topics, and so on. Make sure that while starting out, you start writing on your favorite topic. The reason is that it can help you in the interview and can be a bonus point.
Expertise subject
I will explain with an example. Suppose you have written a script related to a football ad at some specific place near you hat is famous for that sport. You should look for jobs which need a screenwriter for the purpose of writing the football related script at a place. If you already have the script then it works as the golden ticket. You can show your experience and expertise on that subject. Thus, you should be an expert in a particular field and should have also worked in that field. The expertise can matter.
During your interview and also in the resume, don’t feel shy in showing up the expertise that you have. It is something good and thus it should be showcased. But make sure you don’t exaggerate the point so much to where the employer feels bored or feels like you are bluffing. Selling a screenplay is very difficult but following a proper process can help in selling it. So, decide on your field of expertise or interest and start writing on some of the scripts related to it. These are the plus points which can help you in getting screenwriting jobs. Moreover, you should be able to showcase the scripts in a specialized field in the best possible manner and it should be able to impress the employer.
Tips for an expertise subject
You must understand why and how you should emphasize your expertise on a particular subject. You must also understand that while writing any kind of script, try and understand the future scope of it. Let me explain with an example. Suppose you have a liking for two things such as a comic type which has already been seen by people in earlier times and a latest upcoming sport. In this case, you should prefer to write on the latest upcoming sport. The reason is that it will be in demand in the near future and thus, you can get the chance of showing it as an expertise.