How does publication matter in a resume?

Important sections in resume
An important factor which plays a role in getting screenwriting jobs is an attractive and descriptive resume. No producer or director has enough time to read your works and thus you need to publicize your works in the best possible manner in your resume. You should use techniques which can help you in achieving success in getting the job. Some of the important aspects which play in the resume are education, expertise, skills, etc. Education is not necessary for screenwriting jobs but if you have the education then you can write the scripts in a better way. Moreover, selling a screenplay becomes easy as you are taught the degree of how to sell a screenplay.
The screenwriting skills also play a role in getting a good job. Participation or winning in screenwriting contests is also the plus point as your skills and abilities have already been tested and passed. Experience also matters at times. Let me explain with an example. Let’s say you have gone for the job and you have no experience. The other 3 candidates applying are highly qualified, and have experience. Chances are that one of them will be selected. Each section of the resume has its own importance.
Why other publication section?
If your resume includes the screenwriting skills section, experience and credits then the section of the other publications should be left. These sections are very powerful and there is no need of any other thing in the resume. Adding too many things in your resume is also not good. The other publication section is useful when you don’t have anything to write regarding skills, experience, and credits. There are many people who have gained writing success from other forms of writing. If this is the case with you then list them in the other publications section.
The accomplished publications like the books, articles, poetry, and short stories are the things which are to be included in this section. This section adds more credibility and diversity to the career of writing. But make sure that you don’t list your 25 online articles. Make the listing less and in a proper manner. List your published works. You can include any books you’ve written related to screenwriting or the film industry. You could write about the blog written by you related to writing and filmmaking. You can also add the articles published online related to screenwriting. If you are interviewed anytime by some publication company then the communication can also be written.
Showcasing writing skills
If you are wishing to pursue a career in screenwriting then you should make some preparations for it well in advance. A degree can help you a lot, but if you don’t have one then try to take up some online courses related to creative writing. It will help you to enhance your writing skills. After that, you should start writing your own blog and then publicize it as much as you can. The blog can show your writing skills and after some time, you will have fans following it also. Apart from blogs, there are many other places where you can showcase your writing skills.