How to create an online presence when selling a screenplay

Which types of scripts sell?

It is very easy to sell a script online at current times. For selling the script online, you first need to have a very good script which has a great concept, cool characters and is very well written. The script should be written until it becomes a masterpiece that people love to read. Rewriting can make you more successful and can always make people feel that you are professional, and it will increase the chances of success as well. Make use of your writing skills and create a compelling pitch. Then, make use of the online market to make your presence known.

Networking helps in selling scripts

First of all, start with your own network. Make your friend read the script and then ask your friend to pass it on. If the script is loved then they will pass it on to their contacts. This is the way in which screenwriting jobs becomes successful. The next thing to be done is to build relationships with producers on famous networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. One day you will be selling your script to them, but until then you need to be in their world. You can get the list of producers on the social networking sites. Apart from social networking, you can give InkTip a try. It has a large database containing the details of producers who are looking for screenplays. Your screenplay will go to 5000 production companies, and this can help you in selling a screenplay.
You should start a blog to publicize the screenplay. Some of the writers start their blog by turning themselves into the form of a character of the screenplay. The subject should be compelling and you should put yourself into it. You should build a relationship with the screenwriters who can recommend your script. They know agents, managers and thus, they can help you in selling a screenplay.

Other online services for scripts success

There are many online blasting services which can send a query letter to hundreds of agents and producers. Your reputation will decide the success rate, and the query quality also decides the success rate. You should try to get into contests in which you get assured that the producer reads the scripts and the PR about the winners. Some of the screenwriting jobs include the screenwriting teachers. They have connections and thus, the classes should be taken from those teachers so that they can help you with their connections.
The coverage services should be considered, but it is found that most of the coverage services give a pass and recommend as per the standards of the industry. Few of them will send the scripts recommended to the producers. You should get registered and become part of the writing group in which the writers are selling scripts. It will help you get motivation from other writers. Telecommunication should be done with the producers. Online real-time meetings should be held with the producers and this can help in selling a screenplay.