How to Create Characters – The Importance of a Proper Climax

While I hope that you got a quick laugh out of that heading, there actually is an important point here in terms of how to create characters – your protagonist has to have an ending worthy of his journey. Remember, the ending is the last thing that the audience sees and is often what they’ll use to decide on whether to recommend the film or not. Therefore, make sure that whatever the finale for your hero is, it lines up and makes sense with the rest of their story thus far. Otherwise, you will give the impression that you do not know how to create characters.

I’m serious about that recommendation thing, by the way – I still have trouble recommending “The Prestige” because the ending to that movie completely collapses the entire film that came before it. While the rest of the movie is really good, that ending leaves a really bitter aftertaste in your mouth – or at least it did for me.

Now we’ve at least got the basics down for understanding how to create compelling characters, but there’s a whole lot more work here to be done before I send you off into the world to create your masterpiece, dear reader. Where should we continue onto next? Let’s explore the importance of creating characters people care about in more detail in the next section.