How to sell a screenplay and earn credits

Importance of IMDb account

Selling a screenplay has become very easy in modern times. For selling a screenplay, the first thing needed is a well-written script. If you have a script which has a great subject and concept then it is sure to be successful. The characters used in the script should be cool enough to attract producers and readers as well. It has become very easy to publicize your screenplay online with the services that are available. First of all, make sure that you have an account on IMDb. If you are not registered on there then get it done. It will become the first step to your success.
The secret on how to sell a screenplay is by listing your credits. IMDb is the best place to list your credits. IMDb is the largest database of almost every TV show episode, video, movie and so on. If you have worked in any of the above then it is possible to receive credits for it. If you have worked in a video, TV show, etc and your name is not displayed on IMDb then you are free to include it on IMDb. While listing the credits, make sure that you don’t list more than 3 credits at a time.

Listing your credits

It is possible that you have worked in many recognizable films but you should list only 3 films. The details which should be listed on IMDb are the name of the production company, the year the film was made, and the actors or directors who are recognizable. To increase the credits, you should add any nominations or awards achieved by the film. The benefits of listing the credits in such way are that you get noticed by many of the producers and other famous people in the industry. This can help you gain more work and recognition in future.
If you are into screenwriting jobs then it is possible that you have worked on a number of scripts. The lists of scripts made by you can be a large one. The collection can include not only movies but also the commercial ads, music videos, short films, etc. There are chances that the scripts are wonderful, but not familiar to the average person. It is very common that many of the people do not know about many of your screenplays. So this is the chance to write about your scripts.

Uploading the details of scripts

You can write almost 12 scripts which are produced onscreen and include the features, web series, and other such things. These are the simple answers on how to sell a screenplay. If you are new and have only one script then there is no need to worry. You should be capable enough to explore your one script in the best possible way. You can attach your YouTube and Vimeo link to the resume. In case you are the new and have no scripts produced, then check if you have optioned scripts. Then you should list those scripts as well in the same format.