Immediately Pinzón

Immediately Pinzón was natalio garfinkel was an actor, critic and librettist of film and television who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 27 1917 and died in the same city on August 15, 1993. He participated in many films, most of which embodied evil characters, aided by the features of his face.

Artistic activity

It was one of the longest trajectory in Argentine film actors as he debuted in 1936 at the Santos Vega film directed by Luis moglia barth and his last film was directed the trip by. Fernando Solanas in 1992 or 56 years later. Recalls his performance in comedy films like the invisible man attacks of 1967, led by Martín Rodríguez mentasti he was “very well in a bizarre characterization” [ 1 ] and dramatic 1953 the black vampire directed by Román Vinoly Barreto in what one critic called “the role of his life… in the composition of a character very easy expression [ 2 ] or to the beast must die in 1952 with the same director as” one of the bad more wicked Argentine film”.”

He also worked in television, recalling his participation in 1951 in the program telebar celebrities that personified a bartender who had with celebrities to which received and 1960 that worked with Horacio priani on The inspector Varela police gender programme. In 1989 he worked in series stories that the devil told me, in 1985 Mary nobody and 1979 on journey to the unexpected.

Immediately Pinzón collaborated in 1940 in program Cinema Bar people led by Radio Prieto critic Roland and in 1942 gave birth to one of the first activities of the country, the “film Club people of cinema” and wrote librettos for film and television such as stories that the devil told me, for parole in 1961 he Alfredo bettanín film and television in 1989.

He died of a heart attack in Buenos Aires on August 15, 1993.


* The trip (1992) (dir.) (Fernando Solanas)

* Secret wedding (1989) (dir.) (Alejandro agresti)

* South (1988) (dir.) (Fernando Solanas)

* Killing is dying a little (1988) (dir.) (Hector Olivera)

* Matamonstruos in the mansion of terror (1987) (dir.) (Charles Galettini)

* The kidnappers (1986) (dir.) (Hannibal Di Salvo)

* The Sun at botellitas (1985) (dir.) (edmund Valladares)

* Yellow fever (1983) (dir.) (Javier Tower)

* The flea in ear (1981) (dir.) (Francisco Guerrero)

* The superagents, and the cursed treasure (1978) (dir.) Adrián Quiroga – Mario Sábato-)

* Big disaster (1977) (dir.) (Hugo moser)

* Saverio, the cruel (1977) (dir.) (Ricardo wullicher)

* The neurotic or the psexoanalizados (1977) (dir.) (Hector Olivera)

* The satyr (1970) (dir.) (kurt land)

* Amalio Reyes, a man (1970) (dir.) (Enrique Carreras)

* Dominguera passion or fans (1970) (dir.) (Emilio ariño)

* Sette uomini e cervello a or the great robbery (1968) (dir.) (rossano brazzi)

* Assault on the city (1968) (dir.) (Carlos Cores)

* Accommodation sleeping car (1968) (dir.) (Julio porter)

* Villa Cariño (1967) (dir.) (Julio saraceni)

* The people have already Commissioner (1967) (dir.) (Enrique Carreras)

* The invisible man attacks (1967) (dir.) (Martín Rodríguez mentasti)

* This is happiness! (1967) (dir.) (Enrique Carreras)

* Arm with death (1966) (dir.) (Carlos lao)

* Musical scale (1966) (dir.) (Leo fleider)

* The good life (1966) (dir.) (René Mugica)

* By profession, suspicious (1966) (dir.) (Enrique Carreras)

* Hotel accommodation (1966) (dir.) (Fernando Ayala)

* Canute Cañete, private detective (1965) (dir.) (Leo fleider)

* Inheritance (1964) (dir.) (Ricardo alventosa)

* Canute Cañete and the 40 thieves (1964) (dir.) (Leo fleider)

* The escapees (1964) (dir.) (Enrique Carreras)

* A cage has no secrets (1962) (dir.) (Agustín Navarro)

* Property (1962) (dir.) (Mario soffici)

* Partner at alcove (1962) (dir.)!! (George M. cahan)

* Fifth national year (1961) (dir.) (Rodolfo blasco)

* An American in Buenos Aires (1961) (dir.) (George M. cahan)

* Heroes of today (1960) (dir.) (Enrique dawi)

* The thug (1960) (dir.) (Daniel tinayre)

* Interview in hell (1959) (dir.) (Román Vinoly Barreto)

* Baccarat (1955) (dir.) (kurt land)

* The delatora (1955) (dir.) (kurt land)

* Embrujo hills white (1955) (dir.) (Julio C. rossi)

* The oath of Lagardere (1955) (dir.) (Leon Klimovsky)

* Three appointments with the destination or an American haunting (1954) (dir.) (Leon Klimovsky)

* The count of Monte Cristo (1954) (dir.) (Leon Klimovsky)

* Cobweb (1954) (dir.) (kurt land)

* Paradise (1953) (dir.) (Karl ritter)

* Black vampire (1953) (dir.) (Román Vinoly Barreto)

* The beast must die (1952) (dir.) (Román Vinoly Barreto)

* Duty room (1952) (dir.) (Tullius Demichelli)

* Shift with death (1951) (dir.) (Julio porter)

* History of mist overnight (1950) (dir.) (José María Blanco felis)

* Marijuana (1950) (dir.) (Leon Klimovsky)

* Recommended screenshot (1950) (dir.) (Don napy)

* La vendedora de fantasies (1950) (dir.) (Daniel tinayre)

* Fox loses hair (1950) (dir.) (Mario C, Lugones)

* Only a criminal (1949) (dir.) (Hugo fregonese)

* From man to man (1949) (dir.) (Hugo fregonese)

* Juan Moreira (1948) (dir.) (Luis moglia barth)

* Passport to River (1948) (dir.) (Daniel tinayre)

* The mystery of the yellow room (1947) (dir.) (Julio saraceni)

* …And tomorrow will be men (1939) (dir.) (Charles Borcosque)

* People well (1939) (dir.) (Manuel Romero)

* Divorce in Montevideo (1939) (dir.) (Manuel Romero)

* You telegrams them of Mendieta (1939) (dir.) (Leopoldo Torres rivers)

* Santos Vega (1936) (dir.) (Luis moglia barth)


* Stories the devil told me (1989) (TV)

* Sewn matte (1962) (dir.) (goffredo alessandrini)

* Cursed directions (1962) (dir.) (goffredo alessandrini)

* Parole (1961) (dir.) (Alfredo bettanín)

* The posesa (1961) (TV)

* At nightfall (1960) (Miniseries)

* Flora Brown (1952) (dir.) (Leon Klimovsky)

* Men at price (1950) (dir.) (Bernardo spoliansky)

* My five children (1948) (dir.) (Bernardo spoliansky and Orestes caviglia)


* BORO boro (1992) Series

* Stories the devil told me (1989) Series

* Mary nobody (1985) Series

* Trip to the unexpected (1979) Series

* High comedy One episode

* * Civil death (1971)

* The grandfather (1971)

* Robot! (1970) Miniseries

* The constant suicides (1961) Series

* The wild (1961) Series

* The harassed (1960) Series

* Inspector Varela (1960) Series

* Celebrity telebar(1951)