Importance of contests in resumes

Why are contests necessary?
It is difficult to break into the screenwriting process unless you are a screenwriting contest winner. The industry people are hesitant in reading your script as they feel that they may be wasting their time. Screenwriting jobs can be achieved in a better manner if you are a screenwriting contest winner. It is assumed that if a screenwriter has an agent or manager then he or she would be of high quality and their chances of getting their script selected will be greater. So before applying for screenwriting jobs, try and take part in a screenwriting contest.
The contests are at many places and thus you can apply to them by viewing the time they are provided and the amount of money in prizes they are offering. Screenwriting contests have prizes and some of them are beyond cash as well. The major advantage of participating in the screenwriting contest is that you will be able to get in touch with many people and you will get some leads, which is the ultimate goal. Usually, the screenwriting contest includes a cash prize and a meeting with executives.
Including contest in resume
The screenwriting contests are an important part which can be included in the resume. If you have included the participation or winning of any screenwriting contests then your resume will look more attractive and the chances of selection increases. The screenwriting contest can be a hit or miss. There are many communities in the entertainment industry which consider winning or participating in a screenplay contest as a huge honor. This can be the answer in how to sell a movie script. The size of the contest does not matter but the winning is important. If you have won a screenwriting contest then list it on your resume. While listing, make sure that you list the contest title and some details like the year, month, etc of the contest.
In case you have not won any screenwriting contests, then don’t worry. Participation is also important. If you have participated in a contest then you should list the scripts you’ve entered into them. Highlight the scripts in your resume. Winning gives more pressure but the participation can also help a bit. You should also give details like whom you have met during the contest as it can create an impact on the viewer. If you are planning to take up screenwriting jobs then start participating in the contests and try to win at least one of them.
Tips for participating in contests
There are different types of screenwriting contests, but you don’t need to participate in all of them. If you participate in too many contests at a time, then you will not be able to focus on them properly. Conduct proper research and find out the best contest which can gain you maximum returns. You must check the returns not only in terms of money but also in their noncash returns. The contest should give you the chance to meet some of the famous people of the industry. So if you are participating in the contest, make your moves wise.