Joseph Mallozzi

Joseph Mallozzi (16 October 1965) is a writer and producer Canadian.[ 1 ] He is best known for his contributions to the Stargate SG-1, stargate atlantis and Stargate Universe TV series. He joined the Stargate production crew at the beginning of the fourth season of the program in 2000. Since then he has been writer and executive producer for both series.

In children’s television, worked as a writer for Animal crackers the Little lulu show, The Institute of flying Rhinoceros, Largo winch, busy world of Richard scarry, the baskervilles, Paddington Bear, George and martha, the wombles, Mona the vampire, student bodies, the smoggies, Zombie, Hotel Birdz, Big Wolf on Campus and White Fang.

Credits as writer

Stargate SG-1

* Window of Opportunity

* Scorched Earth

* Point of No Return

* The Curse

* Chain Reaction

* Prodigy (Next to paul mullie, brad Wright)

* Exodus

* Enemies (Next to Paul Mullie, Brad Wright and Robert C. cooper)

* The Fifth Man

* The Tomb

* Desperate Measures

* Wormhole X-Treme! (Next to Paul Mullie, brad Wright)

* Summit

* Fail Safe

* Revelations

* Descent

* Nightwalkers

* Shadow Play

* Prometheus

* Disclosure

* Prophecy

* Homecoming

* Revisions

* Avenger 2.0

* Fallout (Next to paul mullie, corin nemec)

* Inauguration

* New Order (I)

* Lockdown

* Endgame

* It’s Good to be King (with Paul Mullie, Michael Greenburg and Peter DeLuise)

* Full Alert

* Moebius I & II (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper)

* The Ties That Bind

* Deus Ex Machina

* Collateral Damage

* Ripple Effect (with Paul Mullie, Brad Wright)

* The Scourge

* Camelot

* Morpheus

* 200 (With Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Martin Gero, Carl Binder and Alan McCullough)

* Counterstrike

* Memento Mori

* The Quest (parts 1 and 2)

* Family Ties