Publicizing the commissioned scripts

Earning in screenwriting

Once you have decided to start a career in screenwriting, you need to start writing the scripts. You have written great scripts which contain wonderful content and good characters. But, it still becomes difficult when the question of how to sell a movie script comes about. Like every other part of the film and TV industry, to make the screenplay a successful one there is a need to go through a collaborative process. These are talented staff members who work continuously to get the script sold. Agents, script readers, script editor and development executive are involved in this process.
There are two ways of earning money from scriptwriting jobs. You can either have the spec script or a commissioned script. The commissioned screenplays are the ones which are written by you but they are purchased by the producers and they offer the show or franchise. The producers get the rights and hold on the novel, play or book. When you wish your script to get commissioned you need to make sure that the script is worth enough to where the producer will pay you for that.

Using the commissioned screenplays

Commissioned screenplays are the way in which the authors make money by selling their screenplays to producers. It is a coveted business and it is usually reserved for professional writers. The hold of the rights over your book or play will then be in the hands of the producer. There are many advantages to commissioned screenplays as the authors can earn more money for their work. There is a disadvantage to commissioned screenwriting, though. You cannot write the next part of the play and then sell it. Let me explain with an example. If the commissioned screenwriting is done for Spiderman then you cannot make the sequel of Spiderman and then sell it.

How to use commissioned screenplays

When you are having the commissioned screenplays make sure that you use your credits. Suppose you have commissioned many of your scripts and then you wish to sell your script as a spec, then at that time you need to show your experience with the commissioned scripts. A producer always likes to know whether you have written scripts that have paid off. So, in that case, you should list your commissioned scripts and it should include your title like the co-writer, story ideas, etc. Apart from the title you should also show information like the duration of the project, and the name of the company and producer to whom you have commissioned scripts, etc.
While listing your past details, many of the screenwriters do the mistake of mentioning what they were paid. There is no need to specify how much you were paid for commissioned scripts. You will also not be asked for that. Make sure that you list only 3 of your commissioned scripts’ details and no more. To show off the real talent, only 3 scripts are enough. Along with that, list any awards and celebrity attachments related to that project as well. These things will help you to answer the question of how to sell a movie script.