Role of agents in screenwriting

How do agents help?
It is difficult to get screenwriting jobs but having an agent can help you in getting one. Agents are the ones who can help screenwriters in making a proper resume, helping in getting jobs, and etc. When you say that you have an agent then it creates a good impression and it is assumed that you will provide high-quality work. Having an agent is an impressive thing to say and it is a good thing because it helps boost your career. Having an agent can work as a validating factor. It is not necessary to have an agent all of the time, but if you can get one then do so.
Agents take a small amount of your earnings and they deal in three things; to gain you a job, get you a good deal for a job and get you a better job. The agent is the one who protects you in the market and they are able to put you in the best position possible, which can help you succeed to gain a job and also to earn maximum money. Thus having an agent is good and it should also be mentioned in the resume when applying for screenwriting jobs. Agents can be the answer to the question of how to sell a screenplay. They help you in finding assignments, selling your work and negotiating the contracts.
Agents in resume
Managers and agents guide the career of the screenwriter. Many people think that adding the details of their agent is pointless because they think if they have an agent then, why send the resume on their own? There are many agents who find their clients paid assignments. You must list the agent or manager in your resume. If your agent has sold your work before then this is something which should be shared with the employer. This section works as validation of your screenwriting career.
It is an achievement if you have an agent. This is a beneficial point but along with that, you also need to be careful. There are many producers who don’t work with agents and managers. So it can become disadvantageous at times as well. So, before applying for the job, do your research and find out about the producer. If the producer does not like your resume then it should be taken care of. Moreover, you should also negotiate that the contract can be done between you and the producer with no need to involve the agent.
Choosing proper agent
Usually, the agents are the ones who have worked in this industry and they can help you. So don’t hurry in choosing the agents. First of all, research properly the different agents available. Then read the reviews of agents and find out which one has the best reputation. Apart from reputation, the agents should be well known because they’ll have more contacts and can help you more. Also, note what fees the agents charge. If you think that you have enough talent and contacts on your own then you should not hire an agent. Some producers don’t like screenwriters hiring agents either.