Selling a Movie Script – Heading to L.A. for Industry Related Events

The great thing about L.A, in terms of selling a movie script, is that, as the West Coast hub of the American film industry, there is, year round, always something go on out there related to the industry, and more of these events are open to the general public then one might think – you just have to know where to look! That being said, there is a caveat to this strategy, as it is one of the more expensive ones to pull off, and you will need to be able to take a week off of work to really make it worth your time.

In order to implement this strategy and learn more about selling a movie script, simply find a website that has listings of industry events in L.A. (there are literally dozens of them, but is a great place to start), find a block of time (again, it really takes a week to make this worth your while) with consecutive events that you think you would be interested in attending, and then boom – you have an entire week worth of networking events planned out. Here are a couple of types of events and their names which may be useful to you:

1. Festivals: L.A. Film Festival, L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival (there are literally tons of these out here)
2. Networking Events: Hollywood Networking Breakfast, etc.
3. Awards Shows: WGA (this is a great one for learning about selling a movie script,) DGA, PGA, Los Angeles Film Critics Association
4. Conferences: Produced by Conference, Show Biz Expo
5. Markets: American Film Market
6. Screenings that have Q and A sessions after the film has finished screening

While the heading specifically mentioned Los Angeles here, the good news is that if you are on the East Coast and cannot make it out there, New York will serve as an equally viable area to attend these types of events in if you are serious about selling a movie script (and the price ranges are similar, so it won’t be a large adjustment in that regard.) Las Vegas also hosts several types of these events as well, so if you are in Nevada, that would definitely be something worth looking into.