Writing a Logline

Writing a logline for screenplays generally requires only one sentence. They sum up the movie’s premise and succinctly let people know what to expect. Note that loglines are different than movie taglines. Taglines are written for marketing the movie, long after the screenplay has been completed. Below are a few sample screenplay loglines. Writing a logline is an integral component to screenwriting and it is one of the first steps if not the first step.


(Drama) – John and Jay are your average mid-west couple, until their lives are changed forever by a relentless domino effect that spins their lives out of control.

(Thriller) – From the outside Jason, Amy, and their two children Natalie and Mike are an average upper middle-class family from the English countryside, but when a chain of frightening and deplorable events occur to them in fast sequence, Jason starts to believe that it is the work of a mysterious woman who claims Jason did her wrong. As his family unravels, the line between delusion and truths blurs.

(Short, Horror) – Three students are forced to abandon their vehicle in the dense wilderness, fighting for survival against a family of psychos who play a twisted game of death.

(Comedy) – An outcast team of 7th-grade movie-makers battle through book reports, wedgies, and bullies for a chance to win the grand prize at the annual youth film festival.

(Horror) – When Jack goes on a road trip to meet Michelle’s family, things go terribly wrong and she is kidnapped by a psychopath. Now Jack must trek through the unknown to rescue the love of his life.

(Drama, Psychology) – Four amazing teens have four illnesses, but they also have four strengths.

(Comedy) – Joe and Mary are single friends. Mary has a spare weekend getaway that and no one to go with so she asks Joe to go on vacation with her, as friends.

(Comedy, Romance) – A young aspiring Jazz singer seeks a lover whom she can trust. She simultaneously finds two brothers. But which brother can she trust?

(Comedy) – A heartbroken young man and his grandmother set out on a road trip and question the true meaning of love.

(Drama) – An inner city man, haunted by his daughter’s death, is released from prison, seeking redemption by helping a trapped lady and her young daughter escape from their abusive landlord.

(Drama) – It would be so much easier for Joe and Heather to just split up, but they are held together in a mad, illogical, and reckless surge of emotions. But isn’t that what love’s all about?